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ScrumAlliance Our #SGVIE19 Title Sponsor, @mpirics invites you to read their latest blog post on how invisible fences help to lessen the challenges of restructuring an organization.
Oracle_EBS #OracleEBS #ATG Announcing Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.9 release! Check out the Oracle E-Business Suite Product Specific Release Notes for Release 12.2.9. Click here...
Oracle_EBS #OracleEBS #Payroll UK Legislation School Work Force changes for 2019 have been released. UK HCM Legislative client's gett the patch and readme details here.
Oracle_EBS #OracleEBS #Payroll The phase 2 patch has been released for the Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) PAYE Employer Reconciliation (August 2019 release)for the South African Revenue Service amendments is now available for download.
ScrumAlliance Marketing agility is headed to great places. But does the data back up its use?. Read more here:
ScrumAlliance New blog! Agile Hiring "POs were invited to work together to refine a fictional backlog about a circus ... Their goal was to help the other guests look good. We were looking for skills here in sharing, caring, calling out tension, and working as a team."
ScrumAlliance Radical Innovation sessions at #SGVIE19 cover issues that happen between "continue" and "disruptive innovation." Whether you're a product owner, leader or developer, come learn something radical and innovative!
Oracle_EBS #OracleEBS #ATG Firefox Quantum ESR 68 is Certified with EBS 12.2 and 12.1 for Windows. Click here for more info...
ScrumAlliance DEADLINE ALERT! #SGNYC20 Call for Papers closes on August 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Think about how your presentation pertains to agile and Scrum, and why you feel it’s important to the agile community. #callforpapers #nothemes
Oracle_EBS #OracleEBS #ATG Have you downloaded the latest EBS/ATG Analyzers? Check the change log to make sure you have the latest bundle zip file. Click here for more details...

Agile Factor

Es una empresa dedicada a brindar soluciones ágiles a proyectos de tecnología de información enfocado en aplicaciones Oracle. Nuestro equipo está conformado por especialistas expertos en aplicaciones Oracle con más de 15 años de experiencia. Así también contamos con certificación PMP ante PMI y marco de trabajo ágil como es SCRUM, nos alineamos a las mejores prácticas de análisis de negocio del Babok con extensión ágil.

Nuestra experiencia en diferentes tipos de proyectos como desarrollos a la medida, migraciones, implementaciones, mejora continua, administración de proyectos nos hace ser una excelente opción para nuestros clientes.

Ser ágil es nuestro principal Factor de éxito.



Satisfacer con valor agregado la necesidad de nuestros clientes proporcionando constante y oportunamente entregas de solución de alto valor para sus negocios.






Ser la empresa de excelencia global en generación de soluciones e innovación en tecnologías de información.



Nos alineamos a los valores de los marcos de trabajo y metodologías agiles:

·Flexibilidad y Agilidad.


·Responsabilidad y Compromiso.